The Personal Barber is a monthly subscription service that aims to make shaving an enjoyable experience by sending out the latest and greatest products to get excited about.

In the UK it can be difficult to get traditional wet shaving products as they are rarely seen in the high street shops and therefore looking for a great shave means buying products off specialist sites on the internet, but even these tend to have a limited selection.

The Personal Barber allows its subscribers to get hold of interesting soaps, creams, balms etc from all over the world. This not only helps make shaving a more interesting and leisurely activity (rather than a daily chore!) but a way to look after  your skin with top notch products that you may not have thought to use.

This is the about page to The Personal Barber blog, where we help provide detailed guides on how to get the closest and most comfortable shave imaginable. We also like to throw in a few articles that we hope you might find interesting. If you are looking to sign up to our shavetastic service, you can join us here. We make sure to include safety razor and shaving brush as well as everything else you need in your first box just in case you have never tried wet shaving before.

If you want to get in touch, check out our contact page or just message us directly: hello(at)thepersonalbarber.com